4K HDMI KVM Extender USB

4K HDMI KVM Extender USB

4K HDMI KVM Extender USB

Experience high-quality 4K video transmission with the 4K HDMI KVM Extender USB. This extender supports uncompressed 4K 60Hz HDR video and can be used with various devices such as PC, laptop, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox, and more. With its plug and play feature, you can easily install drivers online and enjoy a seamless video transmission experience. The extender also comes with a 3-port USB2.0 hub, POE+RS232+EDID+3.5mm stereo audio and microphone support, making it a versatile and convenient option for your multimedia needs.

Good Compatibility

Plug and play, automatically install drivers online, and support transmission technology for various devices such as PC, laptop, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox, Sony Bluray player, Nintendo Switch, projectors, AVR, and most HDMI capable devices. This extender ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices, making it a versatile choice for your multimedia setup.

Lossless No Latency

Experience no video loss and no time delay with the 4K HDMI KVM Extender USB. Enjoy seamless 4K60 UHD video transmission with no noise up to 100m. This extender ensures a high-quality video transmission experience without any compromise in performance.

Application Scenarios

With the 4K HDMI KVM Extender USB, you can remote control your PC, PS, Xbox with a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad. It also supports interactive display operation, data transmission, and USB streaming up to 100m. Compatible with all operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux, this extender offers a hassle-free plug and play experience.

Satisfaction Warranty

As a professional manufacturer, we have built-in ESD protection for safety usage. Every kit is tested strictly before delivery to ensure its quality. If there is any problem with the HDMI Switch received, please feel free to contact us through desertcart email. We follow desertcart’s 30-day return and exchange rules to ensure your satisfaction.


Built-in ESD protection ensures safe usage of the 4K HDMI KVM Extender USB. For 18G HDMI Extender ARC, please check B07WC8BQPW. For HDMI Extender 4K60 4:2:0, please check B07W4TD5QH.