Blocking Mats for Knitting – Extra Thick Blocking Boards

Blocking Mats for Knitting – Extra Thick Blocking Boards

Blocking Mats for Knitting – Extra Thick Blocking Boards


Are you tired of your knitting projects losing their shape after washing or steaming? Look no further! Our Blocking Mats for Knitting are here to save the day. With their extra thickness and high-quality materials, these blocking boards provide the perfect surface for blocking wet and steam projects. Say goodbye to misshapen garments and hello to professional-looking results.

Why Choose Our Blocking Mats?

1. Extra Thick and Durable

Our blocking mats are designed to be extra thick, providing excellent stability and durability. This ensures that your knitting projects stay in place while blocking, allowing you to achieve the desired shape and size.

2. Grids for Easy Measurement

Each blocking mat features grids that make it easy to measure and align your crochet projects or needlepoint. This helps you maintain consistent dimensions and ensures a professional finish.

3. Includes 100 T-pins

To secure your knitting projects to the blocking mats, we provide 100 T-pins. These stainless steel pins are rust-resistant and sharp enough to hold your work securely in place without damaging the fibers.

4. Non-Oven Storage Bag

Keeping your blocking mats organized and protected is essential. That’s why we include a non-oven storage bag with our 9-pack of blocking mats. The bag is spacious enough to hold all the mats and pins, ensuring they stay clean and ready for your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use the blocking mats?

A: Simply lay your wet or steam project on the blocking mat and use the T-pins to secure it in place. Adjust the project to the desired shape and size, following the grids for accurate measurements. Leave it to dry or steam according to your project’s requirements.

Q: Can I use these blocking mats for other crafts?

A: Absolutely! Our blocking mats are versatile and can be used for various crafts such as crochet and needlepoint. The grids and T-pins make it easy to align and secure your work, ensuring professional results every time.

Q: Are the blocking mats easy to clean?

A: Yes, our blocking mats are easy to clean. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dirt or residue. Allow them to air dry before storing them in the non-oven storage bag.

Q: How many blocking mats are included in the 9-pack?

A: The 9-pack of blocking mats includes nine individual mats, each measuring [insert dimensions]. This provides ample space for blocking multiple projects simultaneously.

Don’t let your knitting projects lose their shape. Invest in our Blocking Mats for Knitting today and achieve professional results with ease. Order your 9-pack now and enjoy the benefits of extra thickness, grids for measurement, 100 T-pins, and a convenient non-oven storage bag. Get ready to take your knitting to the next level!