Heated Full Body Wraps – Woolala Electric Heating Pad

Heated Full Body Wraps – Woolala Electric Heating Pad

Heated Full Body Wraps – Woolala Electric Heating Pad


Experience soothing warmth and pain relief with the Woolala Electric Heating Pad. This innovative heated full body wrap provides comfort and relaxation for your hands, knees, and feet. With adjustable temperature levels and an auto shut off feature, it is perfect for those seeking relief from muscle soreness, stiffness, and other discomforts.


  • Multifunction Heating Blanket
  • With greater coverage than ordinary heating pads, this all-in-one heating pad features hands, knees, and feet 3 points heated. It provides all-around wraps and soothing warmth to your abdomen, hand, hip, thigh, knee, leg, and foot. It helps to maintain your metabolism and blood circulation, making you feel cozy when sitting on the sofa or reading at your desk, as if lying in a quilt.

  • Adjustable Temperature & Timer
  • The heating temperature range is 35°C to 60°C with 6 adjustable levels, allowing you to choose according to personal preference. It also has 6 levels of timing, automatically powering off after 0.5 to 6 hours to prevent overheating and protect your home from accidents and injury. With a safe voltage of 24V, you can enjoy warmth with the lowest radiation.

  • This heated cover provides soothing heat for your tired and sore muscles. It is perfect for men, women, office workers, sedentary people, and others who are prone to lumbar muscle soreness, stiffness, arthritis, abdominal cramps, dysmenorrhea, hands or feet numbness. Never be afraid of the cold winter anymore.

  • Heated Cushion Material
  • Made of smooth silk floss and thicken flannel lining, the Woolala Electric Heating Pad is soft, breathable, and warm like a down coat. It also features a heated hands pocket, allowing you to insert your hands without the need for an extra hand warmer. The pad is machine washable for easy care.

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