IBS Foldable Flat Bench – The Ultimate Strength Training Equipment

IBS Foldable Flat Bench – The Ultimate Strength Training Equipment

IBS Foldable Flat Bench – The Ultimate Strength Training Equipment


The IBS Foldable Flat Bench is a highly effective utility exercise bench that allows you to perform a wide range of full-body exercises. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, this bench is designed to enhance your strength training routine and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Main Features

1. Full-Body Exercise

The IBS Foldable Flat Bench provides a platform for various exercises such as dumbbell press, lift, row, sit up, crunches, concentration curls, reverse flies, and more. With this bench, you can target specific muscle groups including the chest, arms, shoulders, back, and abs.

2. Advanced Materials

This flat bench is built to last. The main frame is made of heavy-duty steel, ensuring durability and stability during intense workouts. The thickened layer pad and high-density foam on the leather board offer maximum comfort and support for your exercises.

3. Space-Saving Design

With its compact and foldable design, the IBS Foldable Flat Bench is perfect for both home gyms and commercial use. It can accommodate a wide range of fitness routines, allowing you to perform a full-body workout even in limited space.

4. Sturdy Construction

The mechanics design of this home gym bench ensures incredible stability and safety. The wide base provides a larger bearing capacity area, while the anti-skid base cap prevents any movement during exercise. You can trust this bench to support your toughest workouts without any wobbling.

5. Impressive Weight Limit

The IBS Foldable Flat Bench has been tested for loading capacity and can support up to 500 kg. However, the company recommends a maximum weight limit of 400 kg for optimal performance and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the IBS Foldable Flat Bench suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, this bench is ideal for both beginning and advanced fitness levels. Its versatility allows users to customize their workouts according to their individual needs and progress at their own pace.

Q: Can I use this bench for commercial purposes?

A: Absolutely! The IBS Foldable Flat Bench is designed to withstand the demands of commercial use. Its sturdy construction and advanced materials make it a reliable choice for gyms and fitness centers.

Q: How easy is it to fold and store the bench?

A: The bench features a foldable design for easy storage. Simply fold it up and tuck it away when not in use. Its compact size allows you to save space in your home gym or fitness facility.

Q: Can I perform a full-body workout with this bench?

A: Absolutely! The IBS Foldable Flat Bench accommodates a wide range of exercises that target different muscle groups. You can engage your chest, arms, shoulders, back, and abs with various workout routines.

Q: Is the bench stable during intense workouts?

A: Yes, the bench is designed with stability in mind. The wide base and anti-skid base cap ensure that the bench stays in place, providing a safe and secure platform for your exercises.

Experience the ultimate strength training equipment with the IBS Foldable Flat Bench. Enhance your fitness journey and achieve your goals with this versatile and durable fitness equipment. Order yours today!