OASE Indoor Aquatics Bioplus Thermo 100 Black

OASE Indoor Aquatics Bioplus Thermo 100, Black

OASE Indoor Aquatics Bioplus Thermo 100, Black

Product Description

The Bioplus Thermo line of internal corner filters with integrated heaters are perfect for medium-sized aquariums. The Bioplus Thermo 100 is designed for discreet corner placement. With the heater integrated into your filter, there is more room for undisrupted beauty in your aquarium. The integrated diffuser with adjustable flow control allows for uniform surface movement, prevents the formation of biofilm, and provides additional dissolved oxygen to the water for ideal water quality. The 3-stage filtration of biological, mechanical, and chemical ensures effective water filtration and optimal living conditions for freshwater aquarium habitats. Filtration media is individually housed in separate modules for simple cleaning and maintenance that can be removed while the filter bracket remains in place. This energy-efficient design incorporates dual suction to prevent clogging. Designed using German engineering and manufactured in Italy, this quiet operating filter is protected with an included 3-year warranty with a free 1-year warranty extension with online product registration.


As directed on packaging, the Bioplus Thermo 100 has an integrated heater in a compact filter design. The built-in heater provides your aquarium with precise and uniform temperature levels and reduces the amount of equipment seen in your aquarium. It includes three-stage filtration of biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration. The internal corner filter operates quietly to circulate and filter your aquarium water. The diffuser and adjustable water flow nozzle are built into the filter for uniform surface movement and additional dissolved oxygen.