Waterford Northbrooke 1050331 10in Bowl Crystal 25cm

Waterford Northbrooke 1050331 10in Bowl, Crystal, 25cm

Waterford Northbrooke 1050331 10in Bowl, Crystal, 25cm

About this item

Cutting-edge modern design: Created out of Waterford’s world famous crystal, this enchanting bowl has the reassuring weight, unrivalled shine and wonderful refractions created by the intricate pattern.

Stylish crystal that suits your home: The stunning Northbrooke 10in Bowl curves gently upwards from its integrated footing, which is enhanced with a ring of dimpled cuts, specifically designed to offer versatility as an ornament or serving piece.

Premium quality: The intricate design featuring a series of high arches surrounding the bowl, embellished with diagonal wedge cuts, and finished with a series of cross cuts around the rim, showcase the expert skills of Waterford’s master craftsmen.

Made in Ireland: Stylishly presented in a signature grey Waterford box, with the Waterford branding etched into the glass to demonstrate its authenticity.

A gift made to last: This vase makes an enchanting gift for those who appreciate the fine craftsmanship of crystal.