Yongnuo YN160 III LED Light – Product Description

Yongnuo YN160 III LED Light – Product Description

Yongnuo YN160 III LED Light


The Yongnuo YN160 III LED Light is a powerful and versatile lighting tool designed for photographers and videographers. With its advanced features and high-quality LED lamp beads, it provides excellent lighting performance in various shooting environments.

Main Features

1. SET Button and Relevant Function

The YN160 III is equipped with a SET button and relevant function, allowing you to save the desired luminance and color temperature settings for future use. This convenient feature ensures that you can easily replicate your preferred lighting setup.

2. Extra Large Luminous Area

Featuring 192 high-quality LED lamp beads with chips of extra large luminous area, the YN160 III delivers greater luminous intensity and a more uniform facular. Additionally, its service life is extended, providing long-lasting performance.

3. Encoder Digital Dimming System

The YN160 III utilizes an encoder digital dimming system, allowing you to adjust the brightness with precision. It offers both rough dimming and fine dimming modes, providing more flexibility and convenience in your lighting adjustments.

4. LED Digital Display Screen

Equipped with an LED digital display screen, the YN160 III provides an intuitive power output display. This feature allows you to easily monitor and adjust the light’s intensity according to your needs.

5. Two Color Temperature Plates

The YN160 III comes with two color temperature plates, making it suitable for use in different environments. Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, you can easily adjust the color temperature to achieve the desired lighting effect.

6. External DC Power Input

The YN160 III supports external DC power input (DC power adapter not included), providing convenience for extended shooting sessions. This feature ensures that you have a reliable power source for uninterrupted lighting performance.

7. Yongnuo Proprietary LED Driving Technology

With the Yongnuo proprietary LED driving technology, the YN160 III effectively avoids corrugation and stroboscopic flash. This technology enhances the overall performance of the LED light, delivering consistent and flicker-free lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the YN160 III be used with battery power?

A: No, the YN160 III does not have a built-in battery and requires external DC power input.

Q: What is the color temperature range of the YN160 III?

A: The YN160 III offers a color temperature range of 3200K to 5500K, allowing you to adjust the lighting according to your needs.

Q: Is the YN160 III compatible with camera hot shoe mounts?

A: Yes, the YN160 III can be easily mounted on a camera hot shoe or used with a light stand for versatile positioning.

Q: Can the YN160 III be used for both photography and videography?

A: Yes, the YN160 III is suitable for both photography and videography. Its adjustable brightness and color temperature make it a versatile lighting solution for various shooting scenarios.

Q: Does the YN160 III come with a carrying case?

A: No, the YN160 III does not come with a carrying case. However, it is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and store.

Experience the Yongnuo YN160 III LED Light and elevate your photography and videography with its advanced features and exceptional performance.