Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo with Vitamin D3

Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo with Vitamin D3

Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo with Vitamin D3

Are you tired of seeing your beloved pets suffer from itchy, irritated skin? Look no further than Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo with Vitamin D3. This unique formula is designed to provide gentle and effective relief for your furry friends, while also promoting healing for various infections.

Key Features

Pure and Gentle

Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo is specially formulated to be pure and gentle, making it suitable for puppies and kittens. It does not contain harsh detergents, steroids, or petroleum by-products that can further irritate sensitive skin.

Natural Inflammation Relief

With its powerful combination of ingredients, including Vitamin D3, this shampoo provides natural relief for itchy allergy-prone skin. It helps to calm and soothe the skin, reducing redness and inflammation.

Potent Treatment for Infections

Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo is not only effective in relieving itchiness, but it also aids in the healing of bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. It has been tested for safety and health, ensuring that it provides a potent and safe treatment for your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this shampoo suitable for all pets?

Yes, Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo is safe to use on cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes. It is also gentle enough for puppies and kittens.

How often should I use this shampoo?

The frequency of use depends on the severity of your pet’s condition. For mild cases, using the shampoo once or twice a week should be sufficient. For more severe cases, daily use may be necessary. Consult with your veterinarian for personalized recommendations.

Does this shampoo have a strong fragrance?

No, Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo has a pleasant mild fragrance that will not overwhelm your senses or your pet’s sensitive nose.


Zymox Itch Relief Shampoo with Vitamin D3 is a must-have product for pet owners who want to provide relief for their pets’ itchy, allergy-prone skin. Its gentle formula, combined with its ability to treat infections, makes it a versatile and effective solution. Say goodbye to your pets’ discomfort and hello to healthier, happier skin!